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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do I need to place my order before photos? 

Every photo we create is a custom job! When we know what backgrounds and other options you've chosen before we take your photos, we can create a better end product for you. 

How long do photos take? Do I need to be present?

On picture day, we are quick and efficient: it takes less than five minutes to photograph each athlete. If you've already placed your order and paid, you do not need to be present unless you would like to be! 

Do I get to choose a pose/proof before ordering?

Every photo we create is customized just for you based on what you order. There is no proof without an order. Your athlete will be guided into some baller-worthy poses during their session with us. We'll create a mix between posed and action, depending on the package and backgrounds you chose. Leave us to the work - you bring us the ballers and we will showcase their glory! We know you'll love your end result!

How do I get my photos? 

Your photos are digital, and your gallery will be released online for download once they are completed. You can freely share them on social media, print as many copies in as many sizes as you wish (order right from our website), or turn them into keepsake merchandise from our special vendors list.